Life never runs out of surprises and uncertainties.  You are continuously thrown challenges and opportunities. Sometimes we perceive that we are only thrown challenges. But both challenge and support occur.  No matter your age, religion, gender, educational or financial background both occur continuously. Tackling, integrating and learning from  both the challenges and supportive times, can take a lifetime.   The delay in integrating and learning from both the challenge and support will create:

Health Issues –  Disease (Physical and Mental)  & Accidents
Relationship Issues – With Self and others.
Financial Issues –  Security of the present and future
Career Issues – Unfulfilling and wondering is this it?

You may be thinking, ‘I know challenges can create chaos but how do opportunities or good times create chaos?’.  When we see an opportunity come our way or when we are on a roll, we perceive more ups than downs and we release Dopamine, from within our brain it is our reward centre.  It is that very need for the reward of pleasure with the release of Dopamine that drives everyone of us to seek pleasure.  When we are in situations where we perceive no reward or pleasure, Dopamine is withheld.   When this happens we start the spiral into moments of; anger, blame, criticism and depression.  Managing your challenges and your good times is all doable with a perceptional shift.  This is what Adrienne offers you in her consultations, a Perceptional Shift.

Every person has these experiences but it is how you leverage those challenges and pleasures that dictates your fulfilment of life.

It is not about changing others:

Have you found when you change others it just ends up a bit of a mess, and not quite what you thought it would be?

Would you prefer people to keep trying to change you?   Or would you prefer people to acknowledge, accept and love you?

Consider working on you.  When you do this,  you will affect others, but not by changing them, but by shifting your own perception of you.

Personal and Professional Growth are entangled, work on you and you affect the other.
Problems in a relationship are entangled, work on you and you affect the other.
Problems with children are entangled, work on you and you affect the other.
Problems with money are entangled, work on you and you affect the other.

‘I love Persistence, after all it is what got the Tortoise across the line.’
– Adrienne Gulliver

What can you do?

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