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In action, doing what I love. Auckland, New Zealand – Demartini Method®  for Groups – 2014


Adrienne launched a ‘No Postcode’ year for herself, and has been living and travelling globally, whilst Consulting and presenting Seminars.  She said no postcode has been challenging when filling out any registration forms be it online or on paper.  However she said ‘we are just a click away’ and the no postcode year demonstrates that clients can be anywhere in the world, as can she.

She now spends her time between New Zealand, Australia, Asia and South Africa.

Born as part of the Baby Boomer Generation

Her comments on being part of the baby boomers generation is that ‘We were born from parents who lived in an era of conflict and scarcity, a fighting spirit was embedded.  We also spent a large portion of our lives without the computer or Internet, but we are learning fast and we are consumers of both.’


Adrienne is the eldest of nine children and the Mother of Harrison.  This is a family gathering in 2013.


My Parents met in 1961 and this is what they created…… 9 Children, 6 in-laws, 27 Grandchildren 



Adrienne is blessed to be a single mother to Harrison born in 1993.  She wrote about her experience as a contributing author in the Published Book:

Inspirational Bible.  A book for Humanity.


365 Contributing Authors share their stories.


A Medical Theme – All aspects studied

Mind & Body – There is a psychology behind your illness or accident – ‘The body shows us through our symptoms or injuries, what we are not paying attention too’ says Adrienne. ‘You can not avoid it. Learn the wisdom of the body and mind by acknowledging the message specific to you in the signs and symptoms of illness or injury.’  The study of Epigenetic’s whereby external influences  switch genes on and off, are already showing that Psychological trauma seems to affect DNA methylation patterns. There is a Mind & Body connect.

Complimentary Practitioner in Biofeedback Frequency for a few years – gave her the opportunity to study many aspects of Natural Medicine.

In 1983 she graduated as a New Zealand Registered Nurse.  Her speciality is in the field of Emergency Medicine. She has worked in Hospitals in both New Zealand and England.  She then took on various roles as a Nursing Director, and Charge Nurse until she combined her Nursing and management skills to become one of the initiators and shareholder of four Accident and Medical Clinics throughout New Zealand.

Nursing cropped

1983 Registered Nursing Graduation Photo.

2007: A paradigm shift

The sudden and tragic death of her brother-in-law in a plane accident in 2005.  Sent her and her family into the depths of grief.  Adrienne searched within the medical field to find an answer for her and her family.  But medicine did not have an answer.  So she ventured further afield and  attended seminars; she devoured blog posts;  she read and studied anything on grief.  She reviewed the works of Dr Kübler-Ross through to C.S. Lewis’s writings in A Grief Observed.

But, it was not until she attended a talk given by  Dr. John Demartini, in Auckland, in 2007, that she realised that there is a solution for grief.  Another journey began, and Adrienne attended Dr Demartini’s two-day programme, The Breakthrough Experience®, where  she was introduced to the Demartini Method® a methodology that has 1000 uses and is a systematic pre-determined series of questions that neutralises an individuals emotional charges.  In November 2007, she flew to Sydney to attend the Demartini Method Training Programme®, to start her journey into the paradigm shift.

2008:  Business Evolution

As a newly Trained Demartini Method® Facilitator, she left paid employment to start her own Consulting Business.  She shared her insights and the Demartini Method® with her Family, Friends and as her skill grew she then took on clients.

Consulting as a Business:

Working 7 days a week, she consulted with clients using the tool of the Demartini Method®, in offices in Auckland, New Zealand.

Now she consults with clients no matter there or her location. By Skype, Phone, Viber, What’s App, and Facebook messenger.

Presenting Seminars and Public Talks since November 2008 both nationally and internationally.

A Team Leader:  

Of Demartini Method® Facilitators in Australia & New Zealand since 2008.

Adrienne loves mentoring and assisting Demartini Method® Facilitators grow their business and has developed a specialised team of Global Facilitators.

Adrienne’s Business Mentoring caters for small to large business’s, Government departments and  from the CEO to those working the factory machinery.  ‘I love working with those who have a vision or even an inkling of what they are wanting to do’ she says.  The clients often are looking to update and expand on their service or a product.  With an awareness that a Perceptional Shift, will exponentiate grow.  Her Clients  now range from Health and Educational business’s through to Technology and Finance.


‘Light-hearted moment as a Team Leader, with fellow Team Leaders.  Sydney 2013′

Director of Perceptional Limited:

A Company whose purpose is the ‘Exponential Evolution of Human Behavior’ EEHB

Partnerships in NZ, Australia & South Africa.

International Speaker / Seminar Presenter to Public & Corporates on:

  • Perceptional Shift©  –  The Paradigm Shift.
  • Master – Empowerment of Self.  Co-created with Jodie Sherwin Hill
  • I AM©   –  Who you are and was important to you.  Co-created with Jodie Sherwin Hill
  • The Bully Model  – The solution to bullying for all ages and all stages of life.

Founder of The Bully Model – SLOT5

Since 2012 – a solution to the Bully Problem in Schools.

The model is currently operating in:

New Zealand

South Africa

For more details set up an appointment with Adrienne, through her contact page.

‘It is about Your True Potential –  find this and working  with you from conception to execution.’ – says Adrienne