‘There is no one else in the world I would entrust to develop my growth both personally and professionally than Adrienne.  She is highly intuitive and skilled with a mastery of the Demartini Method.’ T.M. Australia

Private consults:

No matter where you are in the world. / No issue is to small or can not be worked on.

 The Demartini Method® / Mind Body knowledge / Intuitive insights

Fears / Guilts / Not good enough  / Self confidence issues /Depression /Any Illness or Injury

Book a Consultation with Adrienne

Or even if you think you are over things.  Book in for a ‘check in’ consult.  Its quick and will give you clarity and certainty.

Consultation Plans are designed to fit both your needs, timeframes, and cost factors.

Consultations for self and family or friends
Includes Seminar VIP access

Consults for self and family or friends
Includes Seminar Discount

Consultations for self and family or friends

What others are saying:

“I am now gluten free” L.S, NZ

“Flying phobia sorted” S.P, Australia

“I did not think I would make 30yrs of age, but drug addiction now a thing of the past.” S.S. NZ

“I have been blaming so many people and did not see the truth, now I get to live my life.” W.B, NZ

“I have consulted with Adrienne for 2 years, it is now part of my self care and there is no way I would be where I am today without her facilitating.’ J.P.Ireland

“Release from past pain… Ability to cope with present and future situations.” – J F, NZ

“It allowed me to clear my mind and understand what and who is holding me back.” – A.M, N.Z.

Book an – I AM® Session – 2hr consult

Adrienne is the Co-creater of the I AM Wheel®.  Which consists of a unique set of  Questions, that reveals who you are.

Living your values.

An I AM® session reveals what is actually important to you.  When you know this possibilities open up. You stop being what others think you are.  Your enthusiasm for who you are returns.  You see your future as something worthwhile.  Whilst linking who you are to what you are doing, turns what you perceived to be in the way and a challenge to being of service to you.  The linking exercise in the I AM® session is empowering.

“All you need is a deeper understanding of who you are, to make the mind shift necessary to begin to  master your own life, and the I AM® session does that.’ says Adrienne.

Conflict Resolution – Personal or Professional 

Conflicts can never be avoided or prevented. No matter how good or nice you are to your peers and family, there are times when you can’t avoid thinking about tensions and conflicts running in your mind. Whether it is because of an incident at home, at school or in your office, there are times when you would feel that there is tension happening between you and another person, even if you know it is not your fault. Then, there are those times when a small thing seems to set off a whole cascade of events that create so much disharmony, you do not know how or where to begin to sort it all out.

Contact Adrienne to take the action step towards resolving the conflict, you will be surprised at how quickly it can be resolved.

Seminars and Groups – Discuss your needs with Adrienne

Seminars and  workshops are designed and taylor made to cater to the current needs for you, your friends, family, school or corporates.  People who are attending walk away with learnings, understanding and an empowered self.

What others are saying:

“Structured methodology, Excellent Practical Ideas, Well Explained, Good Precourse support” – RJ Auckland
“Clarity, practical steps to take, release of emotional triggers, deeper understanding – use my values to increase my wealth.” – JB Auckland. 

Mentoring of Demartini Method® Facilitators

Specialising in up-skilling you the Facilitator with the Demartini Method®, in your knowledge, working with clients, marketing, providing seminars and business development.

‘Facilitating the truth’