The inspiration to tackle life’s challenges – one success at a time

My gratitude to those I have worked with and to those I have yet to meet.  What follows are snippets from clients.

Specific to Early Childhood on strategies to improve communications pathways with children by linking in with who they are and who I am.  Quick solutions to long standing problems on dealing with challenging children the work for them and staff without having to be so politically correct but respecting long term goals for children.  E Scott NZ 2016

That you can relate to anyone, even if you feel you don’t – Sophie NZ 2016

A wa;y to understand mental health better and how the mind works – Sophie NZ 2016

A very moving way to be optimistic and approach life differently. – Sophie NZ 2016

Opens you up.  Embrace other ides.  More focus on the direction I am to take. – N Rutt NZ 2016

Finding out who I am, and how I came to be.  How I can go forward with this, for ma and my family, partner.  S Epiha NZ 2016

Often we are stuck in a bubble that does not enable us to breath or see in the deepest or widest way.  Often we have become so embedded in narrow thought that we are crushing our soul, our physical, our intellectual being.  The course, the journey through this allows you to open yourself to new learnings through a different way of thinking, os seeing ourselves and others.  This course is the opening of many highways.  J Wahapango NZ 2016

This program helped give insights into the way that younger kids look at challenge.  Hopefully making it easier for us to communicate with them and understand their feeling a little better.  L Scott NZ 2016

“I held a grudge against an ex-friend, I carried this grudge to help me feel better… I knew deep down this was detrimental to me and them, the grudge manifested to hate……. With this method I went further to unlock my pain and I have gratitude.” J.R. NZ

“To discover that there is nothing wrong with you, despite what you’re ex says was great.” S.L NZ

“Up until now I have struggled to reconcile, understand and express my relationship with my father. This experience enabled me to break down all of the issues and see them for what they really are. Resolution I am grateful for all of my experiences as they have made me who I am. Realizations, everything is always in divine and perfect order, and I love my Dad.”A.C. Australia

“I came to truly understand that my mother has taught me what it is to be a strong, warm, loving, generous, nurturing woman and that I have become all this not in spite of her but because of her. Thank you from my heart.”S.S. NZ

“I can now let go of the hatred, anger and dislike of my ex boss which I have been carrying around for at least 10 years.” D P. NZ

“Let go of preconceived ideas, emotions and thoughts. Be free and encourage my family to be free.” P M. NZ

“I have been able to release/dissolve feelings for resentment towards my old boss and be grateful for the opportunities and growth that have opened up for me as a result of our experiences together.” J G. NZ

“The benefits have been awe inspiring by ensuring us to lift the burden and stress from our lives which hinder a person’s ability to respond accordingly for the future.” C H. NZ

“That I can move on with my life, this stumbling block has gone.” S K. NZ

“A great sense of release to my ex-husband and a greater understanding of myself and my life. Certainly a life changing experience as I never thought I could be grateful to my ex for some of those things. Amazing.” K O. NZ

“Relief from past painful memories..” L W. NZ

“Release from past pain… Ability to cope with present and future situations.”J F. NZ

“My back feels lighter and I look forward to how things are going to work out.“ J L. NZ

“Understanding of my feelings, loss of guilty feelings and worthlessness being able to think about looking ahead instead of living minute to minute. Enjoying instead of worrying about getting through the days.” T K. NZ

“I can continue to grow and experience insights and growth.” M.S. Australia

“Awareness, closure, information cleansed, happier, relief, seeing things from a different viewpoint.” J K. NZ

“Learning and realizing that I create my life and the people and things around me.” B W. Australia

“Open past hurts and resolve these so I can grow and move forward to become whom I truly are and can be.” B B. USA

“Become comfortable with ‘Bossy’ and ‘over critical’ I see the benefits and how I have grown from these ‘negative’ traits.” R B. Carribbean

“Clarity, practical steps to take, release of emotional triggers.” J B. NZ

“A relax/change of direction awareness understanding, of where I have been where I am going and what I need to do – why it happened.” M.L NZ

“…Helped me with my personal journey and current blocks.” W O. NZ

“I am truly free of the ‘ugh’ for the scenario I relived today.” S A. NZ

“I have discovered a new and recharged me. A new journey is beginning.”C.B. NZ

“Greater understanding of why I’m who I am today – and that’s okay!” H. NZ

“Clarity, reduced stress levels.” T. S. NZ

“The truth sets me free to be me and lets you get on with being you…”C. NZ

“Deeper insights into my emotional barriers and how to breakthrough them.”M. NZ

“Really helped me work through some past pain that has been holding me back.” A. R. NZ

“Really thankful for the help I received in getting past these blocks that opened my mind and got me through to the end result… The light came on.” G. NZ

“I feel an incredible sense of calmness. I feel like me, I have not felt like me for a very very long time.” S. A. NZ

“I feel released from my guilt and concern about events. Free yeah!”J.M NZ

“I have learnt to let go and be at peace with myself.” E.P NZ

“I learnt to apply the method to an individual who was stopping me from moving forward and in doing so I got to see a whole new way of life. Thank you I am grateful for the gifts I have received.” A.M Australia

“I was able to release years of fear and I can see how my life is going to benefit by being able to let go and comprehend everything and everyone in my life. I get it: I now have the tools to balance my life, move forward and live.” M. O. NZ

“Thank you Adrienne for helping me through some of my darkest moments to bring me to this point. I dissolved perceptions of myself, a great release and I received a message I needed to hear.L.B – Auckland, NZ

A reminder at how amazing this work is….. I didn’t understand how fun life would be until recently. I got my fun by watching films. Now it is time to live my own life wholeheartedly and enjoy the ride. The big picture is clearer and that is my life.” S.S – Auckland, NZ

“I feel inspired and excited to step forward with the realisations and knowing I take with me. Thank you so much.” Y.S – Auckland, NZ

“My aim was to get clarity around my business, fine tune and expand my perceptions to make this work for me in business. I have exceeded this not in the way that I expected though. There are possibilities for me now in my business that I had not seen before and I have been locked in what I thought was the smooth path in the journey. This has also opened up possibilities that I know will benefit not only my business but my personal journey.” A.L – Auckland. NZ

“The Demartini Method lets you get back to the 1:1” D.C – Auckland. NZ

“Acknowledging the work just gets better deeper and easier to understand the support and challenge.” N R – 2014

“Clearer vision, understanding Gratitude for thing happening. Healing” H.S – Auckland, NZ

“Inner peace, clarity, confidence, sense of appreciation, gratitude, strength, motivation” V.W– NZ

“Having more of an understanding on how to look take the positives in an situation whether it be a negative or positive. It is up to one’s self to take control of it life.” M.G – France

“A sparkle of understanding of the big picture” C.M – Auckland, NZ

“I feel I am in a better/stronger place to make important decision for my own destiny. A sense of freedom to explore and drop the ‘should’ in my life, gives me confidence to move forward.” K.M – Auckland, NZ

“I felt quite a brilliant shift around how achievable the massive to do’s on my list are. Feeling now that we hold the baton together, both seekers of intrigue and fascination – that we are comrades in arms. Not one to be worshipped by the other.” T.W – NZ

“I understand more about myself I feel more confident and empowered to face my future (I didn’t this morning) I am grateful for a lot of things.” T.D – Auckland, NZ

“A greater sense of clarity around values vs traits as well as refining perspective on “good’ to balance vs “good” to “bad”. I am grateful that I am just as I am and connect to people as I do.” L.S – NZ

“Helped me see some of the lessons I learned from dad. I could go on with other little revelations and realisations but I think in general it just feels like big chunks of a puzzle have just fallen into place or some breaks that I wasn’t even aware were controlling my work have been lifted. I am finding it quite fascinating” T.K Auckland, NZ

“Life used to be like a see saw rocking uncontrollably from side to side… I now have a method to keep the see saw balanced” SA, NZ

“Life is about perception. When I’m in emotional pain or my life isn’t working, I know that my thinking is out of balance. A session with Adrienne, or one of her group workshop keeps me in balance emotionally and makes my life work better. Since I’ve been working with Adrienne my relationships are happier and my bank account fuller.” J.B Auckland, NZ