“Whilst part of what we perceive comes through our senses from the object before us, another part (and it may be the larger part) always comes out of our own mind.”

― William James, The Principles of Psychology

The birth of Perceptional

I am assuming most people have light bulb or ah moments in the shower?  Well that is how the name  ‘Perceptional’ came to me.  I choose to ignore this voice that kept saying ‘Perceptional, Perceptional’ but to no avail.  I had to turn the shower off, and write down the word Perceptional, before I could continue with my shower.  So birthed the name.  Now what am I going to do with this name that kept repeating itself, in my mind, I thought and what is the relevance of perceptional?

I liked the sound of it ‘Purr sept i onal’.  It is the adjective of Perception, attributing to the noun an awareness of something through the senses.  The way something is understood.  As a Global Consultant I work with what is understood though the senses.  Distorted and illusionary the perception may be, I know that when we open up our understood awareness, a freedom, a knowing, a certainty, and enthusiasm for life ensues.

The Company – Is formed.

Perceptional the Company has a Massive Transformative Purpose

it is to:

 Exponentiate the Evolution of Human Behaviour

The Team

A team of experience Human Behaviour Specialists that provide the following services:

Perceptional_final 1  Teaching – the Solution to the Bully Problem with the Bully Model SOLT5®

Perceptional_final 1 Seminar Presentations to Groups / Companies – Designed to fulfil the need.

Perceptional_final 1 Media commentary

Perceptional_final 1 Speaking at Networking Events / Conferences

Perceptional_final 1 Webinars

Perceptional_final 1 Educating the Integration of Paradigm Shifts


SOLT5® – The solution to the Bully

Shift® –  Another way

Turtle® – Persistance gets you over the line

Master® – Integration



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